New Year, New Day, New YOU….. A dip in the pond, and Scatter-Smothered & Covered.

The first day of the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Eighteen.  It was cold and damp.  We started out day out with the following.

20 Side Straddle hops, 17 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward the reverse in honor of Twinkle Toes who wasn’t there.  We then did a careful slowsey to the sunken living room.  Under the cover of the casino, we partnered up for a little DORA.  Pairs completed 100 Push-up, 200 Squats, 300 Little Baby Crunches.  We embarked on a little slowsey to the pier… again, trying to stay out of the blowing rain, we took cover and did burpee broad-jumps the length cover.  Did walking lunges back to start, where to much amazement we saw Bearded Millennial planting the F3 Flag.  He joined us for a couple rounds of Smoke House.  We did a mosey back to sunken living room for repeat of the COP followed by a Resolution Plank o roma.  Each PAX took turns saying either a resolution of something they want to focus on in the new year for personal growth.  It was all fun and games until BM went on a Rosebudesque eternity on how he wants to be a better F3 Man, not fartsack, grow as an individual, and be a better man at home for his family.  He went ON and ON and ON….. and brother, you’re officially called out, you ain’t posted since then…. We men of F3 hold each other accountable, we Sharpen Iron, We don’t just talk about it, we are about it.

We closed with prayer request and praise reports then some announcements.  Manna House this Saturday 1-6-18, Serving at the WELL, and F3 Camp out.   The chatter was reaching fever pitch about the polar bear plunge.  I scampered to the truck to get my spot light and phone.  As I quickly approached the beach access I heard what reminded me of a higher pitch scream than Kevin in Home Alone, followed by welcoming encouragements from Loveseat to “come in, come on, (Rick Flair WWWWWOOOOOOOOOO)”

In all Cher, Hammerhead, BM, Super Sally, and Loveseat (the longest) took the dip.  Mindbender and YHC kept a watchful eye with life preservers, spot lights, and camera.  No sharks were spotted or harmed during the filming of the video.

Our wet crew headed to Waffle House for a breakfast fit for kings!


Happy New Year Brothers!




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