Coldest Q Ever in the history of F3… EVER

The roads were clear, and cold this AM, however the main entrance to OPES was partially blocked from a downed tree.  We gathered, and out of the Gloom Suess appeared with his ruck on and exclaimed that hes now rucked everyday this year!  T-Claps to him!  The F3 Flag was planted and a quick Circle of Pain of 28 Side Straddle Hops and 28 Jeff Imperial Walkers…

We took a mosey around behind the play ground where each of our steps cracked and popped in the frozen tundra.  We lined up along the school bus loading lane, and prepped for the get down!.  There are 28 columns, we did suicides starting at the furthermost one. When you returned to the start point you did 1 Burpee, then column 27 return 2 burpees…. on and on until we ran out of time or completed.  I finished with 16 burpees for a total of 177 this morning!!!!!!

It was cold, but the amount of work we put in had each of the PAX shedding layers!  Great WORK MEN!!!!!. Simple Workout = Complex Results



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