In the Not so Lonesome Gloom

Tuesday January 3rd

Iron Man

Q: Saint 2.0\Suess

PAX: Suess\saint 2.0

Saint 2.0 and I posted this morning to do a little Q-less ironman, so we co-Qed our way to the finish.

The Thang: Saint 2.0 started us off with some COP, BLIMPS of 10, and whatever we did on the parking lines.  Then we rocked another COP of an assortment of exercises  oyo with descending counts starting with 13 I had us grab our rucks and wet for a really slow slowsie around the parking lot, from there we did a little plank-a-rama followed by Mary.

The Come Down: rocked out with a few anouncments and prayer requests BOMed it out and called it a success

Prayer Requests: For safe travels and good health



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