Historical tour

Well, it was a tour of my history at least. Six of us met in the gloom this morning and went for a visit to my childhood home on Neptune Way.

Warmup at the casino

Imperial walkers IC x15

Ultimate merkins IC x5 (20 merkins)

hillbilly walkers IC x15

wall jumps OYO x15

Dips OYO x25


Mosey to Oak and Ocean Blvd.

plankjacks ICx15

tempo merkins ICx10


Tortoise and Hare – partner runs while you do 5 burpees, you catch up to him and then he does 5 while you continue to run, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Reach my childhood home!

Series of exercises from mailbox to mailbox down the street – bear crawl, bunny hop, lunge, high knees, walk bear, crab walk, etc.

repeat tortoise and hare back to Oak and Ocean Blvd

Shoulder tapsx15



mosey to casino playground

Loveseat smokehouse – 10 pull-ups, 15 dips, 20 dry docks, 25 2 count flutter kicks.

mexican wall crossings over picnic tables x15

loveseat smokehouse again.

sprint to flags.

Announcements and PR



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