The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit- Q’ed by Rubble

On a beautiful morning for a workout, 9 PAX members met up to get in the Christmas spirit.  The warm-up consisted of:


Abe Vigota (slow windmill) X 12 IC

Sun Gods (arm circles) X 40 IC (10 small forward, 10 small backward, 10 big forward, 10 big backward)

Runner’s stretch (10 count each leg)

Mosey to the sunken pit.

Tha Thang:

We started the workout with the 12 days of Christmas.  I was feeling out of the Christmas spirit and needed to do something to remind myself that despite it being 75 degrees outside, it really is December.

We started with 1 rep of the first exercise; then did 2 reps of the second exercise and 1 rep of the first exercise; then 3 reps of the third exercise, 2 reps of the second exercise, and 1 rep of the first exercise.  We continued through 12 reps of the twelfth exercise and all the way back to the first exercise.

1 rep – Run to end of sunken pit corridor

2 reps – Bear Crawls across sunken pit

3 reps – Wall squats (30 count total)

4 reps – Prisoner Get-ups

5 reps – SSH IC

6 reps – Lt. Dans

7 reps – Calf Raise (each leg)

8 reps – Burpees

9 reps – Imperial Walkers IC

10 reps – Merkins

11 reps – Balls to the Wall Shoulder taps

12 reps – Box Jumps

We were running short on time, so we did a quick mosey to the playground and completed the following:

15 Air Squats

A full round of the Bazerkin Merkin (5 merkins in 10 different positions for 50 total)

20 Dips

10 Figure Four Squats each leg in honor of Ric Flair (Wooo!)

10 Pull-ups

Mosey to the flagpole for Mary:

20 LBCs

10 Cindy Crawfords each side

Homer/Marge until the Q got tired

20 American Hammers

I was gassed, it was 8:00.  We quit.  I prayed us out.

Pax Present:  Bundy, Cher, D2, Volunteer, Stitches, Sandlot, Rubble (Q), FNG (new F3 name Kenny G), Uptown Girl


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