Married…With Child(ren)

It was a cool and gloomy, albeit comfortable, Renegade morning when a PAX of nine showed up ready to put in work. As of today, 11/2/17, I have been happily married for fifteen years…and today’s beatdown is not only a celebration of my marriage, but also a walk down the often-challenging road of life.

And, just for the record, not only is Married…With Children the greatest sitcom of all time, but I’m honored to claim Al Bundy—husband, father, football star, shoe expert, and just a top-to-bottom great American—as my F3 namesake.


Because anything worthwhile takes time to nurture, these two warm-up exercises were a nod to the slow tempo of a budding relationship:

  • Tempo Merkin, 15x, IC
  • Tempo Squat, 15x, IC

Next, in the early years of marriage, with minimal expenses, little drama, and no children, life is often an easy mosey…much like the one we did to corner of the OPES bus lane.

Once we got there, the next stage of the warm-up hearkened back to the early years of a marriage, where the ability to balance increasing reponsibility is unavoidable and the need to be loose and prepared is paramount:

  • Tree Pose + LBACF, 15x, IC
  • Tree Pose + LBACR, 15x, IC

Years later into our marriage, our son came and life became a breakneck sprint…just like the one we did to the circle at the end of the bus lane.

Next, by way of the following, we again revisted the importance of balance and flexibility as life throws more and more our way (such as work, church, school, extracurriculars, and whatnot):

  • Pigeons + Wonderbras, 15x, IC
  • Pigeons + Moroccan Night Clubs, 15x, IC

By now, we’ve come to the understanding that the stresses of life and marriage and parenthood require honing the aforementioned character traits. But, oftentimes, because familes don’t come with instruction manuals, we’re just marching into the dark and have to press on and find our way to peace and harmony. So, that being said, we moseyed off into the pitch black of the OPES playground.

In honor of the first 15 years of my marriage, we celebrated with the following:

  • 102x Bodyweight Rows
  • 102x Merkins
  • 102x Squats

Total Reps: 306…because 11/2 is the 306th day of the calendar year.

In expectation of the next 15 years of my marriage, we dusted off our cores with the following:

  • 102x LBCs
  • 102x Flutter Kicks (2-count)
  • 102x American Hammers (2-count)

Total Reps: Again, 306.

We then moseyed back to the front for a few minutes of yoga to close things down.


  • Manna House this weekend.
  • Catnip plugged the movie “Same Kind of Different As Me” that’s playing at the theater. His uncle wrote the novel and the subsequent screenplay.
  • Also, Catnip could use some help with a few logs at his house over the weekend for those who are available.

Prayer Requests:

  • No spoken ones today.

Oh, and Bundy just got a new Bluetooth speaker, so we’re going to enjoy some music when I lead from now on.

Today’s Playlist:

  • For the beatdown…
    • “Push Comes to Shove” – Jackyl
    • “Thunderstruck” – AC/DC
    • “Domination” – Pantera
    • “California Love” – 2Pac & Dre
    • “Kickstart My Heart” – Motley Crue
    • “Let’s Get It Started” – Black-Eyed Peas
  • For the yoga cooldown, I dedicated a song to all the fartsackers out there…
    • “Wish You Were Here” – Pink Floyd

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