Seven MEN worked out this morning. It was dark and it was cold. Six of those men completed the workout with a rucksack!

Mosey to pumpkin patch

merkins IC x4

SSH IC x10

Squat IC x 5

Imperial Walkers IC x10

Each man picked a pumpkin for the following exercises:

Military Press IC x 7

Squats IC x 4


Thrusters x 12


Indian run to the stairs near half-shell

Up and down the stairs 10 times

At the top of stairs start with 1 squat build to 10

At the bottom of stairs start with 1 merkin’ build to 10

A total of 55 squats and merkins’


Take off rucksack

up and down the stairs 3 more times for speed. Finished hold plank. Peter Parker’s IC x10


Ruck Up

Mosey to Flags!

Ruck off

merkins IC x4

Big Boy sit-ups x8

SSH IC x 8

Big Boy sit-ups x 8

SSH IC x 50



Prayer Requests:

Dan having a hard time with work at Sea Island

HammerHead and his new baby


Personal Records

Volunteer first ruck workout (?)

Bundy’s first time on the stairs

Loveseat accomplished something too (I think….)

Good Work MEN




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