First time Q, 9 in PAX this morning at St Simons Pier starting time 0700 and Disclaimer given.
Warm up exercises and stretches before the festivities began.
(10) Side Straddle Hops
(20) Baby Crunches
(10) Burpees completed before beginning rotation in Sledgehammer exercises that was: (10) Traditional Swings with sledgehammer onto tire and (5) thrust to the side, working with 4 lbs, 6 lbs, 8 lbs, 10 lbs sledgehammers at different stations each rotation.
Next exercise was (5) Traditional Swings at each station and Side thrust (10) each per.
(5) Traditional Swings and the “Angry Neighbor” (upward thrust) 10 each hand dominate hand and non dominant hand.
(5) Traditional Swings on next rotation and (10) Shovels per each hand.
(5) Traditional Swings next rotation and (10) Squats and Upright Rows.

Bundy stretched us out some yoga poses.

Announcements F3 St Simons shirts available, mentioned the Hootenanny that Twinkle Toes has been sharing on Mubblechatter. Pumpkin Carving coming up this Tuesday.

Prayer request was Traveling mercies for Uptowngirl’s spouse. Bundy requested to remember his wife Julie in her work environment. Rallied around the flag and closed out in prayer.



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