Ruck on, Ruck off

Let’s hope I did this right…

It was fairly cool outside as five of us descended upon Neptune park for a, circuit-style Ruck WOD, Q’d by Yours Truly.  I am very thankful for the PAX that were able to make it. Their positive attitudes helped me with my nerves. This was my first Q over on SSI, with only 1 to my credit here in the abandoned BWK AO.

Disclaimer, followed by an inadequate Warm-up consisting of: 10x, 4-count LBAC fwrd and bckwrd, 10x, 4-count Windmills, 2x, 20-count Al Gores? (tree-huggers?), 10x, 4-count SSH.

Main Event:

W/ ruck on:

10x Merkin, 10x Squat, 10x Walking Lunge

Ruck off/overhead:

10x Thruster, 10x sit-up, 10x seated press, 10x 4-count flutter kick, 10x front raise, 10x upright row, 10x ground to overhead press. Return to starting point, put the ruck back on, and do it again. We didn’t have time to do the circuit the third time through, so we had a short slowsey just past Dairy Queen and back to finish it off.

Those who didn’t bring a ruck, substituted with a home-made sandbag/pill selected from the tailgate of my truck.

Everyone put in a great effort.


Announcements: Tinman’s Pumpkin carving party on 29-Oct.

Prayer Req’s: Uptowngirl’s M to chaperone a group of eighth-graders. Travelling Mercies and Perseverance. We’re still lifting Gutenman up for a full recovery, as well. (I forgot to mention it at the time, but lift Bundy up, too. We need him better for his Q tomorrow.)

Handshakes and fist-bumps abounded, then we all departed as quickly as we arrived.



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