10 to 1

Short warm up consisting of arm circles, merkin’s, squats, lunges and side straddle hops (SSH).

Burpees 10 to 1

Thursters 10 to 1

Big Boy Sit-ups 10 to 1

What’s 10 to 1? Start with 10 reps, then 9, then 8, then 7……you get the idea.

Then 6 good sprints at (2 at 50, 2 at 60 and 2 at 70% of max)

Then 10 more burpees, 10 more thursters, and 10 more Big Boys.

2 Sprints at 70%

Finished with 65 SSH


Prayer requests

Woz’s 2.0-He is recovering well.

HammerHead and his M and their new baby boy

Milkbone’s 2.0



Manna House Saturday! text D2 859-285-8880




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