Uncle Don’s Dora

It was good to get back at it after our hurricane hiatus.  I believe we had 11 pax, including GWH, a welcome back kotter.


Mosey to Casino for warmup – 20 IC SSH, 10 IC weedpickers, 10 IC Squats, 30 second deep squat stretc, 10 IC ultimate merkins, 10 IC macarenas.

Mosey to ball field diamond.  5 burpees at home, Bear crawl to first, 4 burpees, lunge to second, 3 burpees, crab walk to third, 2 burpees, sprint home, 1 burpee.  Repeat replacing ultimate merkins for burpees.

Mosey to my Uncle Don’s house and do a Dora down his street.  100 Carolina dry docks, 200 smurf jacks, 300 LBCs.

Mosey back to flagpole.

I shared a short bit at the end about how F3 has provided some great ways for me and my son to serve others, and how when we help those that are in need, be it those that are hungry or thirsty, strangers in a new land, those that need clothing or shelter, the sick, or those in prison, that according to Jesus we are actually serving him, directly.

Sorry if I missed a pax, we may have had 12  – a little late on this BB.


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