better late then never

A wonderful day and a wonderful way to start the day.

Ssh ic x25
Lbacf ic x10
Lbacr ic x10
Ssh ic x10
Ultimate merkins ic x5

Twinkle toes showed up sometime after the Dora started.

Thrusters 100
Weighted crunches 200
Weighted Squats 300
Partner sprints to end of lot and back

Circle up
Burpees ic x5
Ultimate merkins ic x5
Thrusters ic x10
Romanian dead lifts ic x10
Protractor hold weight over head

Four corners
Sprint to first corner: 10 burpees
Sprint to Second corner: 10 big boy sit ups
Sprint to third corner: 10 v-ups
Sprint to last corner: 10 man makers
Sprint back to circle: 10 Romanian dead lifts

Mary to end
Bundy to stretch us out.


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