9 folks (included were 2 FNGS) came out to the potentially last Renegade workout for 2 weeks or so, however hopefully not the case.

Quick Disclaimer, as we started 1 minute late, waiting on some fngs to pull in.

Curb Merkins IC X 10, up/down on BMs que, flap jack for 10 more curb merkins with the other arm.

Ultimate Merkins IC X 5

Mosey to Bus Parking Lot

Curious Dolly X 15 IC

Bay City Scissor X 10 IC – (8 count, 1-4 IC at 45 deg, 5-8 IC at 6″)


Partner Work:

125 Merkins while partner ran to 1st light pole

250 Reverse Crunches while partner ran to 2nd light pole

500 SSH (THANKS to LOVESEAT AND HAMMERHEAD’s)  pre-mumblechatter buildup about BM doing nothing but SSH….clearly they both missed my last Q (just saying), maybe review that and do Roxanne and Chumbawamba by yourselves, then come talk to me. **Ended up only doing about 300 or so due to timing*

Mosey to the Front of OPES

More Partner Work, Different Partner:

All are individual counts:

100 Freddy Mercurites, Partner does 15 Dips and rotates

200 Squats, Partner does 15 dips at rotates

300 Flutterkicks, partner does 15 dips and rotates.


Name the FNGS – welcome Taylor Hardin (Prairie Dog – great story behind this one, however I think I should refrain from publicly BB’ing it.) Also welcome Cameron Cook (Volunteer). They 2 combined make up the perfect BM. Should’ve been there, you would understand.

Announcements/Prayer Concerns: Everyone involved with the widespread hurricanes across our nation. Keep our island safe, especially loveseats furniture, so the majority of his in-laws don’t hate him for the next 25 years. On a side note, however, I hear there may be some potential for some furniture discounts in the near future. Everyone stay stay out there, and look to Slack for information regarding gathering, cleanup, safety, etc related to Irma.




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