Bracing for Rain

Seven brave souls showed up to prove Mother Nature she was not gonna scare us away. So she stayed away.
The following is an excerpt that included running that wasn’t originally planned.

Mosey to library by going around the light house
Circle up in sunken living room.
Windmills ic x10
Ssh ic x10
Lbacf ic x10
Lbacr ic x10
Merkins ic x10

Ascending curb crawl to 13
Start at one side of Sunken living room. 1 derkin, bear crawl across, 2 derkin, rinse and repeat until you reach 13

Lap around light house to rest arms.

Partner up
50 burpees
100 one legged dead lift right+left=1
150 merkins
200 big boy sit ups
250 squats
Partner takes 1 modified to 2 laps around sunken living room.

Be glad we ran out of time, as the next set was going to be harder and will make an appearance in my next Q. It’s gonna be fun.

Announcements: mana house
Prayers: bundy’s family, Texas



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