I showed up about 10 til, and only Heehaws truck was there. This was good, since I asked him to bring the Bluetooth speaker (wink wink twinkletoes, its 2017), however YHC feared the potential weather was valid enough reason to stay in the fartsack. I was excited to see a total of 14 people out there, and just as we were about to head out, D2 pulled up in his full out Rocky Balboa gear, as if he was trying to cut weight for tonight’s fight (eat some meat bro, you won’t always be so cold). It’s been a while since I have Q’d so I wanted to make sure to leave a lasting impression.

The beatdown went as follows:

Mosey to the Pier, begin exercise.

25 Arm Circles Forward IC

25 Arm Circles Reverse IC

25 Moroccan Night Clubs IC

20 Wonderbra’s from Peoples Chair/Air Squat IC

20 Smurf Jacks IC

20 Jeff Imperial Walkers IC

25 Flutterkicks IC

20 Carolina Dry Docks IC

LOTS OF MUMBLECHATTER – Q INCLUDED – I knew however, this wouldn’t last forever.


Mosey to the Flagpole:

25 Copperhead Squats IC

25 Dolly IC

25 Rosalitas IC

20 Fire Hydrants, Each Leg, IC –

Mumblechatter continued, mainly about the Q’s panties. Maybe shouldn’t wear those when Q’ing and theres an FNG – bad business.


Slowsly to the Sunken Living Room:

ROXANNE – Hold Plank Position for approximately 3:14….Every ‘Roxanne’ = MERKIN, Every ‘Red Light’ = PLANK JACK

The mumblechatter stopped. I also ruined this song forever forward for Uptown Girl.


Long way Mosey to the smallish tree in front of the Casino close to the parking lot. DEEP LUNGE, knees to ground, (“that’s what she said”, courtesy of heehaw), to the picnic tables. It was a pretty decent amount of ground we covered.

HEEHAW’s smokehouse – YHC considered cutting back on the numbers since the arms and shoulders were already smoked, however the PAX decided otherwise:

5 Derkins, 10 Merkins, 15 Incline Merkins, 20 Dips, 25 LBC’s


Mosey past the Pier into the Parking lot and back to the Casino Flag:

Captain Thors (1:4 Count – OYO- Sit Up : 4 American Hammers. We did 1:4, 2:8, 3:12, 4:16 and 5:20, after a few failed attempts of addition and lots of necessary demos for WOZ (smh)

25 Mountain Climbers IC

5 Worse Worse Worse Sit-ups – OYO maybe? (courtesy of Twinkletoes Q from Thursday) -god those suck.

15 Squats IC


Slowsy to the Sunken Living Room:

CHUMBAWAMPA: Constant SSH throughout, with Burpee @ “I get Knocked Down”

approximately 27 Burpees, or as WOZ (who was doing squats), clamed the Q only did about 25. Perhaps he was right, those were god awful. Q maintains it was merely a hearing issue and may have missed 1 or 2.


Mosey the other long way back to the same weird tree in the middle of the Casino Field:

Suicides, only a total of 3 points and back, back to the picnic tables for another round of the Smokehouse: 5 Derkins, 10 Merkins, 15 Incline Merkins, 20 Dips, 25 LBCs


Mosey to the Casino Flag:

Protractor with Flutterkicks – 90, 45, 30, 10, 5 Flutterkicks IC, 45, 30, 10, 5 Flutterkicks IC, 10, Recover, workout complete.


COT, countarama, nameorama, 1 FNG (‘Zero’, Tim Morris) – good job woz, second fng of the week (only way he can fathom a win for the Twoz)

Prayer requests: Twinkletoes Friend and SSI Local, Shane. Bundys Family. People in and around Texas, hurricane Harvey.

Thanks all for coming out and putting out. If it wasn’t for you guys, and some extra Q power, and lots if inappropriate comments about the Q’s choice of attire (Sorry FNG, and also sorry for ruining your new set of Eyes Uptown Girl) I don’t think I would’ve been able to make it. Awesome work.





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