Total Eclipse of the Pecs

Great work to the 12 PAX who joined me in cranking out push-ups and other upper/lower body exercises.

Here’s how it went down:

Warmup included arm circles, imperial walkers, and shoulder stretches.


20/15/10/5 decline pu, normal pu/merkins, incline pu, bench dips

Circle up with weights, with bent over row, military press, triceps extension, curls, upright rows, then back to the porch for more 20/15/10/5 until we completed 4 rounds. Ended with lunges, farmer carry and 5 burpees.

COT- welcomed FNG, Lee Hopkins aka Pony Boy who arrived fashionably late.

Announcements: Manna House on 9/2, 707 leaders needed, FCA chaplains needed. Go to the Public House and drink beer and eat fried food in front of Twinkletoes, while he drinks water and eats a plain salad for his birthday (tonight I think). Cool Runnings closed us out in a prayer that was so good I heard angels singing.


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