Total Eclipse

(cue Bonnie Tyler entrance music)

Bitter that the moon was going to deprive it of prime shining time, the sun pre-heated our AO to proper sauna conditions for today’s Jailbreak.  11 sweat stinking PAX posted to make their weekly downpainment.  It went a little something like this

The Thang


Mosey around Neptune Park, ending on the pier


  • Peter Parker x 15
  • SSH x 15
  • Squats x 16
  • Scorpion dry docks x 8 each leg
  • Rosalita x 15

Partner up and meet at Butler Ave

Partner chase to Blind Alley

Partner carries back to first street lamp


Pattycake merkins x 20

Mosey down Blind Alley to Park Ave

Lunge walk to intersection + 10 partner derkins each

Pavillion work

  • Dips x 15
  • Step ups x 15

Indian Run home w/Jailbreak the last 200 yards

Naked Man Moleskin

Quote of the day: “I like your balls on my back” -Inmate, as he selected me as his partner.

Covered about 2 miles according to official distance keeper and Richard Simmons headgear aficionado Woz

Announcements and Prayer Requests

Manna House coming up on 9/2.  Talk to D2 about signing up

Prayers for the many PAX on the road today for the eclipse and work.

Prayers for teachers working extra today for late dismissal

Thanks to Cool Runnings for another great closing prayer.

Don’t stare at the sun!


Cow Tipper


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