The weather this morning was delightful, warm but not humid. 13 pax posted for D2’s UpDown workout. Almost everyone showed up on time with the exception of 2 or 3 guys. It’s better to show up late rather than not at all! The mumblechatter was good this morning and several of our new pax posted (Miss Elizabeth and Coolrunnings).

There was talk about doing the Murph tomorrow morning. The plan is to meet at the pier at 5am and knock it out.


Warm up (2x)

60 side straddle hops

40 air squats

10 plank with rotations

10 elbow to hand planks

12 merkins’

30 BIG arm circles

15 military press


For about 30 minutes we preformed the following exercises several times in no real order, occasionally stringing several of them together to increase the suck, the reps were low (8-12) and most exercises were preformed with weights 30-45lbs

Elf on the shelf



Tricep extension

Eagle wings

Overhead squats

Overhead Lungs



Announcements and Prayer requests

Bundy has a minor injury (not from my workout). Not giving the deTAILS about that one, you had to be at the workout.



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