Take Me Out To The Beatdown

18 dedicated PAX, including 3 FNGs, looking to get bigger, stronger, faster, and badder took the weekend by the stones and showed up in the gloom for a beatdown that started with a disclaimer followed by a mosey to Jaycee Field at Mallery Park.

Once at Jaycee, the quick warm-up consisted of:

  • LBACF, 10x, IC
  • LBACB, 10x, IC
  • Wonderbras, 10x, IC

In honor of the upcoming Little League World Series, the PAX had fun on the little league field by drawing from a deck of cards (reps obviously determined by the number drawn) in which each suit corresponded with the following:

  • Hearts – Burpees
  • Diamonds – Foul Poles (once over = 1, back over = 2)
  • Clubs – Squat to Chinups in the dugout door
  • Spades – Carolina Dry Dock/Handstand Merkin

Aces were high. Those who drew the Joker treated the rest of us to a hellbent lap around the bases as if trying to leg out a late-inning inside-the-park homer against a stingy southpaw that somehow manages to be 6’ 180 lbs and have full-on beard at 12 years old.

After working through the deck four times, the PAX caught its breath with some mobility work…

  • Downward Dog
  • Cat/Cow
  • Pyramid with torso stretch (each side)
  • Triangle (each side)
  • Bird Dog

…before a mosey (with some showing reverence to the Risi sign on Butler as they passed) back to the AO for some more yoga to finish up:

  • Downward Dog
  • Pigeon with torso twist then quad stretch (each side)
  • Standing Forward Fold with Flat Back
  • Sumo Squat
  • Lying Knee Twist (each side)
  • Hamstring Stretch with torso twist (each side)

We had the chance to name three new FNGs today:

  • John McQuigg, 47, is now Miss Elizabeth
  • Scott Ferrell, 53, is now Gator
  • Caleb Browning, 9, is now Opie


  • Donations to help fund F3 expansion as well as the F3 SSI website (which costs $125 per year that Woz has already paid of pocket)

Prayer Requests:

  • Bundy’s family
  • Twinkletoes

Awesome turnout, men! Keep those numbers high.


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