A morning with Dora

A damp morning for some fun with Dora

Warm up
Ssh ic x25
Jeff imperial walkers ic x10
Wind mills ic x10

Mosey to basketball court

Lbc x50 partner plank, do 25 and switch
Flutter kicks x100 partner superman, do 25 and switch
American hammers x150 do 25 partner Superman.
Plank when done.

Grab a bag of mulch
Shoulder press ic x10
Back squat ic x5
Back squat 3 down 1 up ic x5
Back squat down 1 hold 2,3 up4 ic x5
Shoulder press ic x10

Mosey to school flag

100 burpees
200 dips
300 squats
Partner run lap

Almost didn’t finish but we made it.

Kick ball and mana house Saturday

Prayer request
Milkbone’s sons fraternity brother who passed away in a rafting accident
Bundys family
BM traveling





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