Only Real Men Post in the Rain

It was an especially wet and dark morning, with wet roads and rain still pouring in from the night before and a nearly new moon in the sky hidden by the rain clouds.  Only three PAX were daring enough to show up this morning.  Unfortunately our Q Bundy was unable to stay as he had to return home to battle a leak in his dining room ceiling. Thankfully Loveseat was able to get a hold of Bundy’s winky so that the beat down could continue as planned.

Except that we didn’t follow Bundy’s plan.

The Thang

We started with a jog around the OPES parking lot followed by a drivesy to Waffle House.  Loveseat pounded out a Fiesta Omelet and Hashbrowns while the rest of the PAX (Woz) sipped on coffee.  Great fellowship was had by all and we closed by saying “See you on Saturday!” in the parking lot.


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