Stumpy the Q

It was a great morning to get together and train. The rain over the course of the previous night made for a wet AO; which just happens to be my favorite type.  I was joined by Loveseat and Milkbone. As this was my first attempt and Q’ing, I did not know exactly what to throw at these guys.  I figured a little circuit training never hurt anyone, let’s do that.

I started with a poor attempt at a Disclaimer, then followed up with a poorer attempt at a Q.

The warm-up  consisted of 2 rounds of:

LBAC, 4-count x 10/direction

Windmills, 4-count x 10

Side-stradle hops, 4-count x 10

Air Squats, 2-count x 10.

After that was completed, we moseyed over to the walking park for the rest of the session, which consisted of:

squat-thrusts, 4-count x 10

mountain climbers, 2-count x 10

merkins, 2-count x 10

An exercise I only know as “butt-kickers” (thanks, Cadre Surfhog), 4-count x 10 (the first round), x 5 (on the second two rounds. I was not as up to the task as I thought I would be).

Flutter kicks, 4-count x 10

Approx. 1/4 mile jog to recover.

1 minute rest, rinse and repeat x 3.

We walked back to where we parked and concluded with:


Praise report: Loveseat’s father-in-law is home recovering from his recent hospital visit. We continue to pray for answers, along with a full and speedy recovery.  Same goes for his four-legged family member.

No announcements today.


I would like to take a second to thank Loveseat and Milkbone for posting today, and for helping me along. You guys could’ve done way more had I not been holding you back. You guys rock. Thanks.



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