A sweaty, sweaty, Tuesday

A nice humid morning to sweat and work on our beach bods

25 ssh ic
10 lbacf ic
10 lbacr ic
10 chinooks

Over to wall area
ALARM 1 x 10
Arm- bttw merkins
Legs- squat jumps
Abs- crab cakes (crab walk position but tap hands to feet)
R- raccoon crawl (bear crawl on narrow ledge)
M- monkey jumpers(monkey humper squat to jump)

Alarm 2 x20
Carolina dry docks
Forgot this one
Russian twist
Mike Tyson(feet on wall bunched up, extend, Merkin, back to wall) x10

Alarm 3 x30
Windshield wipers
Rocket dips( dip with leg extension)
Monkey humpers

Mary deck of death while deck
Crab cakes
Crunchy frog
Ankle grabs

Alarm 1 again

8 count bodybuilders IC x5


Bundy dad, liver failure



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