Gettin it

Was nice seeing such a solid crowd out there this am, some new faces (for me), some guest pax. everyone really put it out there this morning despite the humidity. solid work was done by all. it was fast paced but we got through it.

Quick Disclaimer

Mosey out on the Pier:

SSH X 25

Copperhead Merkins X 15

Flutterkicks X 25

Jeff Imperial Walkers X 15

Arm Circles Forward + Reverse X 15

Morroccan Night Clubs X 25

Dolly X 25

Rosalitas X 25

–Inchworm to the begging of the Pier Benches

Heehaw Smokehouse – 5 derkins, 5 merkins, 5 incline merkins, 15 dips

Slowsy to front of Pier, grab rocks:

Copperhead Squats X 10

Overhead Squat Press X 10

Lunges (10 each leg)

Indian Run to BM’s field of pain (Butler):

Bear Crawl to each base (15 squats per base)

Fireman Carry to each base (10 smurf jacks each base)

Burpee Broad Jump straight to 2nd Base (hold 1 minute plank)

“Fence Cling” – 1 minute – hold yourself on the fence like spiderman, adjusting hands and feet however you can make it work

Mosey (indian run, caricoa, high knees, butt kicks, etc) back to American Flag

Demonstrate the 3 person carry (2 people interlocking arms and forming a “seat” for the 3rd person)

Countarama, Nameorama, no announcements, prayers for Hot Lips (F3 from out of town) as well as another pax family member, George (I think)

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