Jailbreak sunrise

Six PAX made the beautiful morning post on June 26, 2016. We were very pleased to welcome Bragger from Lexington, SC here on vacation. The PAX completely understood Bragger’s name origin based on the following completely made-up exchange.

Bragger: “So guys, I am Bragger from Lexington, SC, here for a family vacation.”

PAX: “Nice to see you, welcome.”

(Throughout the morning, Bragger, a celebrated Lexington engineer and architect, pointed out the lighthouse, the elementary school, the various beautiful homes, community properties, etc)

“Do you see that (points at various SSI landmarks and point of interest), “I didn’t build that, but I could have…”

None of this happened and Bragger was awesome to work out with us. But Lexington can treat this anecdote as truth if they want to. We will always go along with any good name-supporting story. 

Weather: Beautiful and 74 degrees

After the normal warning, the group set off from the Pier area of Saint Simons Island.


20: Side straddle hops (perfect group symmetry except for War Pig who was out of sync and accused of heavy drinking prior to the workout, just Q’s assessment)

10: 2 count merkins

20: LBCs

10: some kind of dry dock merkins, left foot up (exceot for War Pig who raised his right…)

20: Imperial walkers

10: some kind of dry dock merkins, right foot up (except for War Pig who raised his left…)

Mosey to Mallery Park

wheel barrel partner carry up the handicap ramp(each person did it twice)

5: 2 count pullups

20: 2 count dips

Mosey from Mallery to Boulevard Cafe to see if Santa’s little helper is truly at work with the coffee and doughnuts he promised on Sunday. Unfortunately neither coffee or doughnuts or SLH was found.

Mosey to the beach and return to the flag pole for COT promptly at 6:15. Mileage was approximately 3 miles for the day.


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