It was a warm, sticky morning at OPES…

…for the nine PAX who turned a blind eye to the fartsack and showed up in an effort and look, feel, and be their best going into Father’s Day weekend.




Warm up:

SSH, IC, 20x

Next came a rare Bundy-prompted mosey from the school parking lot through the entrance back to where it meets Stevens Road.

Warm up (continued):

LBACF, IC 19x (because I guess I can’t count well during an early-AM jog)

LBACB, IC, 20x

Wonderbra, IC 20x

One more mosey around to the bus unloading area on the back side of OPES.

Warm up (continued):

Jeff Imperial Walkers, IC, 20x

Hillbillies, IC 20x


The PAX then moved around to the playground for five exercises, oyo, done in descending sets starting with 10x for a total of at least 55 each and then planked up after each set until all were done. They were:

  1. Diamond Pushups
  2. Inverted Rows
  3. Jumping Lunges
  4. Good Mornings
  5. Big Boy Situps

Afterward, the PAX moved back to the car lane and lined up on the flagpole for a balls-out sprint to the end of the car lane. From there, we walked over to the tables for 10 box jumps and 2 decline pushups. Next came a repeat: Balls-out sprint from the flagpole to the end of the car lane and walk back to tables, this time for 8 box jumps and 4 decline pushups. Next, we repeated the sprint, followed by 6 of each exercise.

The plan was to continue the scale with 4/8 and 2/10, but time snuck up on us.


Cool Down:

Quad stretch, 10 count per leg

Ham stretch, 30 count per leg

Pigeon, 20 count per leg

Calf/Achilles stretch against pole, 10 count per side

Seated spinal twist, 10 count per side



July 4th double-down (triple-down? quadruple-down?). Twinkletoes to lead a pre-run beatdown. A charity event afterward should be available for those with gas left in the tank. More details to follow.


Prayer Requests

Bundy’s mom and dad seem to have improved, but still are not out of the woods while his aunt and FIL are home, but still have dicey roads ahead of them.

Catnip is having a colonoscopy and a scope down his throat tomorrow.


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