Flag Day Festivus!

Well, I was a little late to my own Q, because I decided to wait around on Fartsacker Bearded Millennial.  He didn’t show, and I had to stop at Parker’s to poop, so Milkbone and Woz got the PAX started.

COP-  20 SSH, 20 JIW, 10 Windmills = 50 reps for the 50 stars on the Flag.

Tha Thang-

The PAX lined up on the outside out of bounds (OOB) on first tennis court, and did suicides to each OOB on the first 2 courts.  Upon returning to the starting point, each PAX member did 13 Hand release push-ups!  See the trend here, 13 reps for the 13 colonies on the flag. 7×13= 91 Hand Release Push-ups.

Next we added the 3rd court with 4 more OOB’s…. Upon returning to the starting point, we did 13 reps of below parallel squats (except Rosebud).  11×13= 143 Squat Reps.  At this point the moans and groans are starting to infiltrate the thick coastal Gloom.

Lastly we added the 4th and final court for four more suicides!  At the starting point we did 13 reps of WW1 Sit-ups…. 15×13=  195 WW1 Sit-ups ….. Boy howdy, this was a doozy.  upon completion and recovery we marveled at each PAX’s sweat print on the court.  two stood out over the rest.  Milkbone’s little hourglass shape and Catnip’s splattering of sweat droplets.

Finally we did a full length suicide and finished with 13 Burpees!  At that point Milkbone threw out his back.

COT- Pledge of Allegiance

Prayer Requests – Lifted up Bundy’s family, as well as continued recovery for Nomad’s 2.0, and Gutenman’s mission work.

Praise Report- I must say, the friendships and bonds I have forged the past year have been some of the most fulfilling.  True Iron sharpening Iron.  A good example would be just this week, Cowtipper reached out and ask if I had a sawsall to cut down an old wooden play set.  I gladly supplied him with all the tools I had, and then at the next beatdown, I ask him how he planned to dispose of the debris (knowing he hasnt reached full MAN status because he doesn’t have a truck).  He didn’t know, so I offered to use my truck and my strong back to help him.  We scheduled a time and made it happen, and that’s where the story gets a little dicey.  We got a little carried away loading the debris and I lost track of time, and the fact that I was supposed to get my twins from Wesley VBS. Enter a new friend forged via F3 Woz to the rescue!.  He hung out with the twins until my daughter could get there to pick them up.

These selfless acts of kindness are what F3 is about to me, helping each other.  Holding each other to be accountable, and to be better MEN.  Being HIGH IMPACT MEN.  Thanks Brothers!!!!! Love all y’all!




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