Raining blocks

Rain, rain, go away, come agai…. ah screw it let’s work out.
6 strong men fought off the fart sack and the rain to make it out to start there day off with some fun. Thank you to war pig for never unloading the cinder blocks out of the back of your truck.


Circle up under the portico
10 lbacf ic
10 lbacr ic
10 windmills ic

The thang:
Over to war pigs truck and grab 2 cinder blocks.
Place one and the south opening and the other at the west end of the portico.
Meet in middle.
Hearts: 8 count body builders
Diamonds: kettle bell swings with block
Clubs: thrusters (squat and press)
Spades: Carolina dry docks
Jokers: lap around parking lot

We made it over half way and though I didn’t stack the deck we did a lot of body builders.
Everyone pushed hard and we will all be better off tomorrow. Though a little sore.

Shout out to rosebud for the flowers. The M always loves them.

For those of y’all that fartsacked. Get up, grab a deck, and have some fun.

Announcements: 4th of July 5k with double down. Something else that I forgot.

Prayer request: Bundy’s family, sues twinkle toes and D2 going on mission trip, gutenman and his ministry.

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