GRT/L Aftermath

“To be the man, you gotta beat the man” Rick Flair…. and Fellas, I’m trying to be a HIM, so pack a lunch if you want to tango!  When Cowtipper reached out to the PAX that we needed a Q for today, YHC ponied up fresh off a GRT & L in Jax Beach this weekend. I wanted to set an example of no excuses… Sure, I’m a little bruised, and banged up after this weekend, but hey…. Chicks dig scars, wounds heal, and Glory last forever!

Our morning started off with Cowtipper unloading his dog, Gracie, and then promptly putting his man-maker weighted vest on.  Rosebud popped of the Mercedes in his Ranger Panties, he is twinning with Twinkle Toes these days.

That Thang…. we pounded pavement to Parker’s where we did a quick COP of 10 SSH & 10 JIW (jeff imperial walkers) then we jogged some more.  After about a 1/2 mile we did some stretches.  Stretches that suspiciously resembled Merkins.  Starting in high plank, when I called bend, you bend you arms and drop, when I called STRETCH, straighten your arms.  We did, like 12 of those. Then we ran some more.  We stopped and did some Little baby crunches, and we ran some more. We did more stretches by SEE, but these resembled squats. We ran back to the Flag Ole and did a quick circuit of Stretches that could confused with merkins, situps, and squats!

And finished with a Ball of Man


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