Buddy Circuit

Shout out to the PAX for showing up this morning to kick off the Memorial Day Weekend, and the end of the school year for the 2.0’s with a little warm up, intense exercise, and cool down.  The workout went as follows:

Warmup:  20x Side Straddle Hop, 10x Windmill, Merkins (1/3,2/3,3/3) and 10x full, LBAC F&R with hold, Slowsie around the casino and back to the pavilion.

The Thang:  8 Buddy Stations, 1 minute exercise, 30 seconds rest, 1 minute exercise, 30 seconds to the next station.  23:30 minutes total.

Stations:  Windmill with 15# coupon (RH/LH), Turkish Getup (RH/LH), Tug O War (RH/LH), Medicine Ball toss/slam toss, Kettlebell swing/burpee, Goblet Squat Press/merkin, Kettlebell row/mountain climber, Sand bag relay/flutter kicks.

Cooldown:  Yoga poses (high reach, fold, half fold, downdog, updog, wild thang, scorpion, pigeon, bridge, wheel, shabasima (to the Connells Lay Me Down).

  • COT:  Countoff and circlerama.  Welcomed 2 FNG’s, T.P. and his 2.0 Knightro.  Announcements included getting signed up for next Saturday Manna House and other incessant ramblings and comments on another BM no show from Twinkletoes (just checking to see if anybody actually reads this backblast, you know I love you, brothers), Tinman said something, but I think it was mostly blowing off hot air about triathletes.  Heehaw Monday Murph Pre-blast.

Prayer Concerns:  Continued prayers for Bundy’s FIL heading home from the hospital, Bundy’s mom being admitted for congestive heart failure (we later found out she was being transferred to the cardiac unit in Valdosta for possible heart attack, please send up some prayers).


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