Partner Murph Preparing for Monday’s Memorial Day Murph

22 brave soles (and 11 PAX) showed up for our Partner Murph workout in preparation for Monday’s Memorial Day Murph.  How it went down…

Warm-Ups (In Cadence):

  • Windmills x12
  • Imperial Walkers x15
  • Little Baby Arm Circles x11
  • Reverse LBACs x10
  • Side Straddle Hops x23

The Thang

We ran to the back of the school so we’d have access to pull-up bars. From there, we partnered and got started; partner #1 ran .05 mile (out into the field an back to the monkey bars), did 5 pull-ups, and ran back. Partner #2 did 10 merkins and 15 squats until partner #1 returned.  We then rinsed, flapjacked, and repeated 20 times for a total of 2 miles of running (1 per person), 100 pull-ups (50 per person), 200 merkins (100 per person), and 300 squats (150 per person).

Circle of Pain

Since there was still plenty of time remaining, the QIC broke out the Deck of Death.  Luck for the PAX, I grabbed the regular deck this time instead of my Pinochle deck so things were a little easier than usual.  The QIC allowed the PAX to choose 4 workouts and we ended up with:

  • Clubs = Little Baby Crunches
  • Diamonds = Burpees (Burpees are Foreever)
  • Hearts = Merkins
  • Spades = Flutter Kicks

The PAX did a lap around the parking lot and each person pulled a card after each lap; YHC started with the 10 of Diamonds which didn’t feel great after our Murph.  But the Deck of Death was finally conquered and the PAX did count-o-rama and name-o-rama  while holding a plank.


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