Mr T’s Fish Fest

There were 4…. ONLY 4 Men who took pity on the fools that didnt post!

(waited on CowTipper and Bearded Millennial)  Crickets…..


Quick COP: 15 SSH, 15 Jeff Imperial Walkers, 15 Temp squats, 15 LBAC F/R

That Thang:

Since our lovely pier is in the shape of a T, hence the creative name of the Beat down, Mr T.  It is a simple ladder.  20,19, 18, etc….  We started with 20 Hand release Merkins at the entrance of the pier, Mosey to the end, turn right, mosey to the end, and do 20 taint tickler squats (addendum to disclaimer tetanus shots are a must and be mindful you don’t get a rusty hook in your goody bag) .  Next Mosey to opposite end of the pier, and do 20 Big Boy Sit Ups, hands need to touch the ground behind the head and then touch the toes.  Mosey back to the starting point…… Rinse, Watch, and Repeat,,,,,,,,, 19 Reps, Etc…. 18 Reps, Etc…..

We finished 14 reps and covered around 2 miles.

Pier side observations…. The left side smelled of dead rotting fish.  We spoke to a dude fishing every time we passed him and said, HI, he must have had his Bose QC25 noise cancelling head phones on b/c he never said HI back. Beauty of this beat down, is that it is going to be continued!




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