One fish, two fish, red fish, blew fish

May the 4th be with you!

Forgot the disclaimer, shout out to twinkle toes for the reminder.

As many people are doing pathfinder I figured a good portion of this would be ruck friendly…..well could be done with a ruck on.

Ssh x25 ic
Lbacf x10 ic
Lbacr x10 ic

Ruck on
5 burpees

Mosey to basket ball court
Dora 123
Burpees x50
Toe touch x150
Squats x200
Partner mosey to play ground and 5 proper or 5 angled pull ups

Mosey back to flag
5 burpees

Ruck off

Ayc lap
Crunchy frog ic x 10
American hammer x5 ic slow

Ayc lap
Boat canoe with story time from twinkle toes and how he came to own a “Borat over the shoulder man thing”
Sit ups x15 with flutter kicks at top every 5

Mosey to benches
Smoke house
20 derkins
15 mercans
10 incline
5 dips
5 derkins
10 merkins
15 incline
20 dips

Mosey to flag
Circle up

Seuss feed the birds right before COM, got him some water and he I good now. Guys don’t forget to hydrate. Pound some water before bed and do not forget to drink some before coming to the work out.

Also, welcome to Sugarbiscuit from jax  up on the island for a few weeks and is a GRT

Announcements: mana house, turtle crawl, mudrun

Prayers: Seuss for bird feeding this morning, the family of the guy who passed(forgot his name), some other things I have forgotten, gotta start writing them down.


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