Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

With ERT training almost immediately after, YHC called on some help from some HIM’s on this Q. I’m a little fuzzy on particulars, you should have been there if you really wanted to know.

Moroccan Night Club-15
Reverse Chinooks-7
Some more stuff

Q2-Hee Haw, who immediately gave it to Moonshine-Augusta
Mosey to benches
Decline Merkins-15
2.0 makers w/feet in bench-15
Mosey to flag
Worst, worst, worst Merkins-5 (don’t ask if you don’t know)
Some more Merkins
Flutter Kick-20
Mosey back to benches
15-Decline Merkins
Hee Haw shares about a caddy commercial, where it says “we aren’t just building cars, we’re building Cadillacs”. He said we gather in the gloom, not just to build men, but to build F3 men.

Q3-Bearded Millennial
Bear Crawl Snake
Mosey to Sunken Living Room
Wall Sits while we wait in Q
Sally-with Slosh Tube (6 pax each)
Rocky Balboa-60seconds
Decline Peter Parker (props to those that went BTTW)
Some other stuff

Seal Jacks-15
Ninja Squats-15
Big Boy SitUp-15oyo

I’m sure I missed a few!

Mud Run sign up by tomorrow. We need YOU to sign up.
BM doing HTL in Jax, sign up to help push him through.
Iron Man starting this Tuesday, bring coupons if you have them, but still post if you don’t.

Whichever Pax posts the most in a month will be awarded the “TWOZ”. This is a special recognition, that comes with some power. The recipient of the TWOZ, will have the award for the next month, at any time during the month, he can place the TWOZ in any Pax front lawn. He will then take a picture of the house it is at, and post on slack, and text to the Pax whom owns the house. The Pax who now has the TWOZ must post to one of the next two regularly scheduled workouts. If the TWOZ doesn’t make an appearance at the next two workouts, the unfortunate soul must donate $20 to Gutenman’s cause.

Prayer Requests:
Thanks for Charleston’s Healing
Prayers for Nomad’s 2.0 and family.


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