Now We’re Cooking With Gas

After 2 1/2 weeks off, YHC returned to Q Renegade with the Thursday crew.  Here’s what went down:

The Thang

Mosey to end of driveway

Merkins x 10

Mosey to Home Tree


  • SSH x 20
  • Prisoner Squat x 15
  • Big boy sit ups x 10
  • Peter Parker x 10
  • Parker Peter x 10

Bear crawl the loop with 10 LBCs at halfway point

Lunge walk the loop with 10 Dollys at halfway point

Mosey back towards the school, stopping for a quick set of 10 derkins and 10 modified Aussie mountain climbers

Mosey home to flagpole

Monkey in the middle

  • Squats and dips
  • Lunges and LBCs


  • Freddie Mercurys x 14
  • Rosalitas x 12
  • American Hammers x 10
  • LBCs x 8
  • Leg drops x 6

AYG around the parking lot


Naked Man Moleskin

Welcome to FNG Willow.  Hope yesterday was first of many times you’ll post.  It doesn’t get easier but you’ll get stronger.  Keep up the good work

F3 may need to contract a laundry service full time.  The exhaust emanating from our group likely did some major damage to those compression liners

Shoutout to Mayberry from F3 Knoxville for posting with us throughout the week.  Great to have you joining us.  Safe travels home and come back anytime.


Mud Run deadline to sign up is Sunday 4/30.  Race is on 5/20

New workout “Ironman” kicks off this coming Tuesday at St. Simons Community Church.  It’ll be all about picking up and putting down things that are heavy.  If you own heavy things, bring them with you.  If you don’t, still post as there will be extras to share.

Prayers for Nomad and BM’s 2.0s who are fighting illnesses in the hospital

Until next time,

Cow Tipper


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