Post Easter-post…

Well I for one, raged on a Easter Day buffet and given the likelihood that my fellow F3ers did the same, we took to SSI and hit it hard this morning!



Disclaimers-The usual plus Q checked for running shoes to ensure safe conditions

The thang:

Mosey to Mallory Park


Merkins-10 two count

LBCs-25 two count

A round of “Q says” which is like Simon says but there is no winner

Pullups- 5 two count

Dips- 10 two counts

Mosey to SSI Baptist Church parking lot

Plank a-rama

10 two count flutterkicks

More Merkins

Mosey to Boulevard Cafe in search of Santa’s Little Helper…he wasn’t there once again calling into question his excuse to NOT be at F3…

Mosey from Boulevard back to the whale park

Dips while we waited

More merkins (Woz “had to leave early”…but we saw him in the parking lot as we finished….hmmmm…)

Follow the leader run until the 6:15 a.m completion time!

Prayer/announcements and dismissal




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