A change of HHeart

So, I had planned a really epic beat down full of sandbags, coupons, and good times. It was gonna be bad, pushing and challenging each of our Island PAX….. well, it was highly modified after watching our brothers who were participating in the GORUCK F3 HEAVY HEAVY 001. During the 2 HEAVY,  Cadre Danny (F3 Linus) had a PT the 18 remaining men conduct the following: 100 burpees, 1 mile run, 50 Burpees, 1 mile run. Time hack was 32 minutes.  In honor and tribute to those HIM participating in the HH, I decided that our PAX should take part, only I modified a little…

American and F3 Shovel Flags Posted


That Thang!

It was pretty simple at first… We started with 10 Burpees, then ran a mile and a half doing 10 Burpees every 10th of a mile. The last 10 of our 150 Total Burpees were back at our shovel flags!  Oh, and we successfully picked up an FNG along the way at around marker .8 miles. More of him to come.

Next up…. tapped into to planned beat down for some coupon work.

Part 2 we did partner work where 1 man did Burpees using a #50 sandbag, and the other bear crawled 20yrd out and back.  It was brutal! Every man pushed himself and motivated his partners and brothers.

Part 3 we did a modified Tunnel of Love! All 11 PAX high planked while dragging a #50 sandbag the entire distance.  I was OK, then Tinman or D2 ran and got the other sandbag… Double the pleasure, Double the fun. WHAT EV’s!!! There were lots of moans and groans including YHC.

Part 3.5 Moby’s “Flower” with each PAX had a sandbag…. Often wrongly referred to Bring Sally Up, please see the following link, https://youtu.be/6A2V9Bu80J4

Part 4 taken from a fart sacking Bearded Millennial, we did 10 count Inverted Peter Parkers (hand stand w/ feet on a wall) In cadence.  Hopefully my strain was that noticeable as my final cadence count was all but impossible.

We circled up around the Flag Pole, for our COT.


1st responder training April 29th, TwinkleToes is Q.

F3 Mudrun May 20th, CowTipperis Q (may volen-told him)

april 22nd, is the bicycle poker run. Woz is Q and since some confusion about one of the stops being an assisted living home…. he needs post a link.

Prayers: Nomad’s 2.0, John, and his entire family. Tinman’s co worker. And others that I can’t remember.  BUT, I challenge you all to lift someone up in prayer each day this week. Be very intential about your prayers, be focuse, and watch as God does work in that individuals life.

So, we welcomed a FNG that decided to join us on our 1.5 Mile Burpee mission! Pretty sure it was the first time ever, no coincidence it was during my Q! Mike Smith and I actually went to college together in Valdosta.  We nicknamed him Poopcorn during the COT.  HOWEVER THAT CHANGED QUICKLY, during coffeteria. As soon as the blood returned to my head, I remembered that I wanted a girly drink name… he owns a liquor store! So we changed it COSMO, Before I added him to the directory. Hopefully he’ll post when he visits, and he has interest in Planting there!!!  TClaps to Cowtipper who postfor the workout wearing a weighted “Man Maker” vest! Freaking awesome work brother!!!


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