An Inmate work out, but more fun

Started out the morning a little early, since I’ve fartsacked the last 3 meetings….
10 brave souls risked the 15 knot winds and brisk 63 degrees for a good work out to help them lose weight. Not from the cardio, but from the fact they cannot lift their lunch to their mouth to eat it.

The Thang:
Mosey to circle
Circle up
Arm circles x15 ic
Chinooks x15 ic
Moroccan x10 ic
Iron cross
Ssh x25ic
Squats with hold down 1, hold 2,3 up on 4
Little mercans
20 fast oyo
Hold plank until 6 done
15 fast oyo
Hold plank until 6 done
10 fast oyo
Hold plank until 6 done
5 fast oyo
Hold plank until 6 done.

Mosey to basketball court behind school
Dora, partner runs to play ground and does 5 pull ups or 5 angles pull ups
Mercans x100
Lunges both legs are 1 x50
Crunchy frog x200

Find space on playground for angled pull ups
X15 ic

Mosey to tables at front of school
Smoke house
X20 decline
X15 normal
X10 incline
X5 dips
X5 decline
X10 normal
X15 incline
X20 dips

Little time left
Burpee ladder
…. the looks of hatred
1 burpee

Mosey to flag pole (since both flags are MIA)

Mud run, mana house April 1, kick ball April 1, some other things I can’t remember

Prayer: imperial family, London, all others unspoken.

Kudos to cow tipper, not letting the fartsack hold him back

175 push ups and 1 burpee for those counting.


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