A Whole Lotta Tabata aka Milkbone VQ

Men, it was an honor and privilege to be allowed to provide my virgin Q this morning for Gutenman’s final post with F3 St. Simons (for a few years, at least). G, you will be definitely missed. Keep the email blasts coming, rag us on Slack, and know you and the family with be in our prayers while you show God’s love and grace to those who may have never seen or experienced it.
We had 16 PAX, including 2 FNG’s to welcome. My son was home from college and posted his first
workout, after I poked at him with a sharp stick and whipped him with a coat hanger to get him out of bed (he’s 19, so you can’t call DFACS on me).
Leading up to this workout, I posted on Slack that I would add some yoga to the workout and I hope I
didn’t disappoint. Bundy and I have some more movements and stretches to add to my next Q and his VQ, so keep that in mind. From all of the moans and groans, we all could use some more stretching in our routine.
That said, you all did great and thank you for letting me lead this morning.
1 minute warning-Not a professional, participating at own risk, know your limitations and modify if needed, we are not paying to be here, etc.
Warm up: Circle
Get Gutenman to lead 20 Imperial Family Walkers (in cadence)
20 shoulder width knee to toe touch
25 Side Straddle Hop (in cadence)
20 Windmill (in cadence)
LB arm circles f&b, Morracan night club, chinooks
Merkin- 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 10 full, 10 Werewolf/cobra merkin (in cadence-including the howl at the top of
the merkin)
To and around pier T and back to the picnic area
Workout 1: (3 sets OYO)
20 bench dips
15 bench jumps or box jump
10 bench cross pushups
5 pullups
Plank when done (countdown)
Mosey 2:

Around light house and back to flags
Workout 2: Death by Tabata-explain how tabata works 20/10 for 10 minutes 20 exercises, 10 minutes, standing includes Al Gore squat at rest interval, on 6’s 6” leg raises, plank on belly
Standing-Air squat, high knees, butt kicks, burpee, lunges, jump squat On the 6-big boy sit up, little baby crunches, Dolly, Rosalita, flutter, X-factor crunch, DaVinci/VanGough Stomach-Michael Phelps, merkin, wide merkin, narrow merkin (diamond), X-fit merkin, plank jack, mountain climbers
Cooldown stretch:
Arms over shoulder back scratch, swinging arm hugs, side angle stretch, toe touch/half fold, cat-cow, down-dog walk out, piriformis pigeon stretch, back bridge/wheel, side twists, hug knees (l,r,both), standing side stretch-Done
Circle of Trust
Added 2 FNG’s, Chance Lewis (lil’ bone) and Harry Paisley (Casper). Gutenman cleared to buy tickets and fly out. Headed to New Jersey to say good bye to family tomorrow. Reminder, April 1st Sport a Stache, and Manna House volunteers.


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