Started with a proper disclaimer, hitting all 5 main points!

  1. I am not a professional
  2. You are exercising at your own risk
  3. You are responsible for your own well being
  4. You are here voluntarily and understand that the workout is free
  5. Know your limits and modify

Today is the 68th day of the Push up Challenge. If you have been keeping up then you will have completed 2346 push-ups by today!!! How cool is that!

The goal of the workout was to catch anyone up that has fallen behind (kind of…) so they can JOIN the challenge OR get back on TRACK!

As a team we completed roughly 2248, we fell a few short. So if you are reading this I need you to drop down and knock out at least 10 merkins so we can reach our goal.

The workout

Warm up-Side straddle hop x 50ish, Big arm circles forward and backwards

Merkins (slow and controlled) x20

Mosey to round about. Where we were joined by WOZ!

Merkins (short and fast) x20

Burpee’s x20

Mosey back to the school

Tried to form a formation and do a squad run but that was a failure….I’ll take the blame on that one. But I thought my directions where pretty clear

I wanted to Squad run so we could learn our NEW RUNNING CADENCE!

Momma Momma from the Army #support the troops edited by D2


Momma Momma can’t you see

What F3’s done for me


Up in the mornin’ before the sun

To work and pray and get shit done


Momma Momma can’t you see

What F3’s done for me


Won’t catch me sleepin’ in my bed

And for that we thank you Dredd


Momma Momma can’t you see

What F3’s done for me


In the beginning I was a clown

now I work hard for my town


Momma Momma can’t you see

What F3’s done for me


A little better everyday

that’s the goal, our F3 way


Momma Momma can’t you see

What F3’s done for me


Growing into better men

Stronger than we’ve ever been


Momma Momma can’t you see

What F3’s done for me


It’s a brotherhood, it’s you and me

that’s what I learned from OBT


Momma Momma now you see

how good F3’s been for me


The Cadence is open to be modified. It sounds better when my beautiful voice gives the tone and inflections 🙂

back to the workout

Incline merkins’s x20

decline merkins x20

Over-unders (that’s my name for it. If there is an official name let me know, it’s that football drill where you jump and roll) x20

merkins’ (from a dead stop) x20

merkins’ (isometric hold) x20

mosey to back of school

suicides x3 or 4 or 5

mosey back to the flag

workout done.

prayer requests

Gutenman’s family as they continue in their journey

Prayer’s over several of the pax and their families or close friends


Color run Saturday, March 18th


Manna House Saturday April 1st. no i am no joking.



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