Virgin Q!

14 courageous men joined us for Bird Feeder’s Virgin Q on this muggy Thursday morning.

Light Mosey to the Traffic Circle, which has since been re-named.

15x Side Straddle Hops: In Cadence

15x LBAC: In Cadence

15x LBAC – Reverse: In Cadence

10x Jeff Imperial Walkers: In Cadence

Mosey to Back of School and split into three groups for Modified Dorasides.

Group A: Runs three sets of a 4 pole suicide

Group B: 50x Merkins per person

Group C: 100x Squats per person

Slowzy to School Parking Lot. Gatekeeper performed his duty keeping the PAX safe in the dark.

PAX partnered up for some more running and Q leaned on his love of Duke basketball.

Partner 1: Take one Lap around the Parking Lot

Partner 2: 20x Bobby Hurley’s. Q made sure PAX slapped the floor while coming down from the squat.

FLAPJACK after each set

Partner 1: Lunge to first lightpole and back

Partner 2: 20x Dips on school benches

FLAPJACK after each set

PAX circled up for a little Johnny Cash with PAX call outs

11x Rosalita

10x Van Gogh

10x Flutter Kicks


  • Wesley Academy Color Run – March 18th
  • 1 Year Anniversary – March 4th
  • Mana House – March 4th

Prayer Requests:

  • Nomad’s Family
  • Prayer for a fallen F3 Brother from Myrtle Beach

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