St Simons One Year Anniversary – Beach Blast

Sunrise PAX
Sixteen of the faithful (including two FNGs) came out to mark our first year here in the Golden Isles. It went a little something like this:

The Thang

TwinkleToes Q

The 16 studs gathered in the gloom at Coast Guard Station. Woz gave a 2 minute warning at the exact time it switched to the 1 minute warning, which I gave out. Started with the disclaimer, then got to work.
10-Monkey Humpers in honor of the F3 Jax Pax that led us the first day!
45 Second Iron Cross while YHC spoke about the biggest takeaway from my first year; It’s not about you
15-Moroccan Night Clubs
15-Wonder Bras
Went back into the Iron Cross until I heard some groans (maybe 14 seconds, weaklings)
Handed it off to CT for the beat down.

Cow Tipper Q

Partner carry out to the beach

Ark Loader

  • Bear crawls
  • Crab walks
  • Frog jumps

Boat and canoe with paddling

Tin Man Q

Simon says mosey to King and Prince
Sprint to flag then 4 Merkins sprint back
Backwards sprint to flag then 4 sit ups then sprint back.
Karaoke sprint to flag then 4 side straddle hops
Up-downs with 4 Merkins between runners no in place x 5

Mindbender Q

Mosey down the beach a ways and then circled up to relax with Not So Lazy Boys reaching to the right for our remotes and to the left for our beverage of choice. Then some Dollys, Dying Cockroaches (20 for most and 10 for the Pax who knew his Kafka), then a big round of Guantanamo with some Rosalitas before and Rosalitas WIP after.

Hammerhead Q

Mosey toward the track at the school, can’t get there so we use the first baptist packing lot instead. An on your own, push yourself, burpee ladder sprint bear crawl.
Start in one corner of the parking lot 8 burpees, AYC sprint the long side, 7 burpees, bear crawl the short side, rinse and repeat until only 1 burpee. Meet as a group and finish off with 8 more burpees. Hand off to woz

Woz Q

We ended our 1st Anniversary workout with the Ring of Fire; 10 stations designed to burn all remaining energy from the PAX.  The ROF included 60-seconds of AMRAPs of each of the following: burpees, merkins, plank jacks, flutterkicks, big boy sit-ups, dips, squats, crunches, LBCs, and SSH


Naked Man Moleskin

All totaled, we hit five workout spots and covered about 3.2 miles of sand and asphalt.  Kudos to FNG MASH for posting for his first workout on a tougher than average day.  And great work by 2.0s Texas Ranger and Sandlot who were hanging with us (and sometimes pushing the pace) the whole way.  That’s the future of F3 right there.

Over the past few weeks as this day approached, I had a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions:

  • Had we accomplished enough in our first year?
  • Was the true message of F3 getting through to the PAX?
  • How did we measure up against other F3 groups in their first year?

My business focused mindset was looking for a list of checkboxes we could tick off and point to success.  Wasn’t there a scorecard we could be judged by and claim victory?  Many hours of introspection and prayer later, I ended up settling on this simple fact: the work is never done.  F3 isn’t about checking boxes and removing things from our lists.  We don’t say “I’m fit now so I’ll stop working out” or “I volunteered so now I’m done volunteering.” Instead, every day we’re challenged to get up, put in a solid workout, and go be the men our families and communities need us to be.  At the end of each day as we lay down to rest, we can know that we did what was necessary…and that the work begins again in the morning.

We may not have the largest PAX list but we’re still doing the work and trying to be better every day.  And one day I hope we really are 100 strong with workouts seven days a week.  But in the meantime, we’ll keep pushing ourselves, individually and as a group.

Should we still grow our group?  Absolutely

Should we find ways to volunteer and give back?  Every chance we get

Should we bond with other men over food/drink/sports?  Whenever our wives will let us

If you’ve ever posted to a workout, come to lunch, volunteered your time, or even just said a prayer for F3 St. Simons, I want to say “thank you.”  Not because you did something for me, but because your involvement in F3 helps make this little slice of heaven we call home a better place.

Keep working brothers.


Cow Tipper


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