A little Mosey

7 PAX joined YHC for a little stroll.

Disclaimer mentioned, then we took off toward the Ballpark, however we didn’t stop there! We keep going to the 1 Mile Marker for a 50 Count of SSH.  30 Count LBC’s, and 20 Hand Release Merkins. 1 Mile back the Flag.  Time for a little SMOKEHOUSE!!!! (Flipping WOZ dipped out, before the fun started).

Big Oak Tree 5 Decline, 10 Regular, 15 Incline, 20 Dips!!!!!  End of set one, walking lunges to the compass benches.  ROUND 2!!!!   then the set out on walking lunges to the end of Pier, Gutenman saved the PAX as he sprinted to the end and back to us, so we ended the lunges there and ROUND 3 of SMOKEHOUSE!

Mosey back to Flag… and we’s all done


Update on my sister, Prayers for Imperials!  Glad to have our Gutenman visiting for a short while.




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