Super Dolphin Day Double Down

First off, thanks to Chaser for the beatdown in Columbia that I posted to at Columbia Hammer on Tuesday AM. I straight up copied it because it was too good not to share with the PAX of SSI GA!.  We met up at the F3 Information table (conventionality next to Love and Sweat, where is you use the code F3 you get a discount on your purchase)…


15 Side Straddle Hop, 10 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward, 10 Little Baby Arm Circles Reverse….. All to the tunes of our own Catnip aka DJ The Weave pumping out some My Morning Jacket “Victory Dance”.

the PAX of 10 HIM struck out on our merry way to the first of a couple pain stations

Stop 1: Lighthouse…. Circle up, and focus on the task at hand, NOT the speed in which you finish. It’s all about the range of motion that we are focusing on. We are going to do a workout that consist of 21 reps of each exercise, then 15, and then 9 of the following Hand release Pushups (can’t cheat as our arms are all the same length from the dirt up), Squats (not just your dad’s squats, but below parallel taint ticklers), and Big Boy Situps (hands touch the ground above your head and reach and touch your toes). Each REP needs to be QUALITY, no halfsteppin!

Mosey to Methodist Church Parking Lot for 50 4 count Flutter Kicks

Mosey to Front little parking lot of Methodist church for Rinse and Repeat of Pushup, squat, situp 21-15-9

Mosey to Hotdog Alley for 50 4 count Flutter Kick

Mosey to pier for Repeat of 21-15-9 beatdown

just when the PAX thought it was over, we mosey to end of pier for 50 more 4 count flutter kicks!

Mosey back to flags.

COT:  Prayer requests – Nomad ans Family, Imperials, Dipstick Family, Ladies that work with Tinman.  Announcements: There is a 5k today… Color Run at Wesley, and HEEEYYYYYY OOOOOOOOO 1 year anniversary 3-4-17 (get chu some)

Pretty sure we were all a little tender after, and hats off to those who ran or rucked.  We had 3 Podiums!!!!  25 Over all 5K and  winner of his age group, Bearded Millennial!  3rd place in 5k age group, my 2.3 and 1 half of Lee Boy Twins Wyndy!. Lastly the Overall 10K winner for the Master group INMATE!!!! Pretty sure he ran the 10K faster than I did the 5K.  TCLAPS Men!


“Focus on the Little things and the Big things to happen”



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