Merkins for days

3 PAX came out early for a few premiles of rucking. 8 Pax came in on this beautiful 55 degree Monday morning to start their week off right. Welcome to LexLuther from Charlotte.

Assuming everyone did half of the Dora, you got to 125 push ups today for your push up challenge. That means we get to take tomorrow off right?
Mosey to light house
LBACF, LBACR, chinhooks X10 IC
Merkins X10 IC
Imperial walkers X10 IC
Burpees 5 oyo to get the blood moving

Mosey back to flags
Dora 1,2,3
50x body builders
100x merkins
150x dips
Partner run to picnic tables and back

Mosey long way to library
Find a wall
Wallsit with wonder bra x20
Morracan night clubs x20

4 corners in the living room
10 step ups each leg
20 box jumps
30 squats
40 calf raises

Mosey long way back to flags
Smoke house
10 decline, 10 regular close grip, 10 regular wide grip, 20 incline Merikins

Ring of fire
Crunchy frogX10 IC
Leonardo di Vinci X10 IC
Ww1 sit up X10 IC
Protractor with flutter kicks

Mosey around to the far side of the Casino and Jail break AYC from side walk to flag pole for name-o-rama and COM.

Prayer requests: Nomad and his family with sickness, Rhonda Frier, Dip stick from mrytle beach, Imperial family, and others not mentioned.

Announcements: Dolphin day, 1 year work out march 4th, mana house march 4th, SC’s for a shirt order


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