Four Quarters of Mini Murph

My first Q at new AO Rubicon, and I channeled the KISS strategy… only 4 movements!


SSH 10

Jeff Imperial Walkers 10

Tha Thang-

Mosey to fun track for instructions.  Since this is the only AO with good Pull UP bars, I went with a modified MURPH which is simple yet taxing and formed a great baseline for which we can all improve upon.

Each PAX completes FOUR Rounds of 10 Pull ups, 20 Push ups, 30 Squats then completes 1 lap on the track (1/2 mile)  KOOYO Kind Of On Your On!  Total 2 miles, 40 Pull ups, 80 Push Ups, 120 Squats.  As we pushed each other along the way.  Except for BM who is a man beast that has been unleashed upon F3 St Simons!! SOLID work Brother and keep it up! Bouche hope you kick that cold in the teeth!

Mosey back to Startex and cashed out with 4 Burpees and the COT.

Announcements: Bridge Run, Dolphin Run, Imperial Mission Donation (we still havent reached our goal, call me or Tinman with questions and donations.

Closing Remarks by Hee Haw:

This is a true story, that I have told many times just as my father told me.  I have used it a wedding receptions, and even was ask to share at a memorial service for a friend that had still born twin sons.  Ironically this is the first time I’ve ever written it out.  So here goes.

Back in the day, my dad was between farms and his truck broke down.  Long before the days of bag, flip, or cell phones, he had to find a pay phone.  (millenials, these are communication devices that took payment in order to place calls. Crazy i know, but that’s how it was done back in the day).  He used a quarter to place a call, therefore the 4 Quarters theme.  My dad took his last quarter and called his friend named Bryon. My dad ask Bryon to go to his brothers house and borrow his truck, and to borrow his brothers trailer to come get him and the broken down farm truck.  Bryon replied “Jack, why didn’t you call your brother to come you?” My Dad replied “Bryon, because when your down to your last quarter, you call someone you know will come get you.”

Brother’s…. Be that kind of man.  Be that kind of friend that will pick up the phone and come to your brother’s rescue.  That is the kind of men we need to be, selfless servants to one another. Iron sharpening Iron.  Likewise, be the man that will make the call, the man that trusts completely that the man on the other end of the line will help you.  Standing shoulder to shoulder, shields locked in the battle of life.

JJ Lee, 36, Hee Haw and my number is 402-216-2370



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