Swim Buddy adventures

BM and I started the work out early. He rucked to my house 2 miles in 22min, then we rucked to the AO in about 34 min.

Started out with a little mosey to the far side of the school



Ssh x20, Lbacf, Chinooks, lbacr, Moravian  night clubs x15, Jeff imperial Walkers x15 (And I forgot how to count)

Dora 1, 2, 3.  Partner up(speed matters), then group up into 4’s.

50 crunchy frog, 100 clerkin, 150 squats.  Some people didn’t listen and counted each clerkin as 2 not 1…..

The next excersize was modified, mainly because my M would not be happy that I had grass stains everywhere), so we ran up the bus loop in 2 groups doing, I’m up, now they see me I’m down,…..

Mosey back to front

Burpee ladder around loop, starting with 6 burpees,

Then some Abs to finish up the fun: Heel touch x15, Super man x15 (AKA walruses), Protractor (90,45,10) x15 ,Lbc x 20



I have forgotten most…., all the 5k’s, first responder training in April, GoRuck tough in March…

Prayer request:

Twinkles kids are sick, Nomads son is still in the hospital, Bundy’s wife is going in for a recheck, the imperials at missionary training.


Probably forgot some things but over all it was a good and fun work out.

Remember we need to get Q’s signed up, it’s easier then it looks I promise. Also, we need to keep the New Year, New Me momentum alive.  Those new years resolutions are starting to wear off of people.  Keep Ehing new guys and EHing guys that have not been out in a while.


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