Patriot Games

14 pax and 1 fng got up early and came to make themselves better today. A brisk 56 degree, cloudless morning under the stars at Renegade. Adding some team/partner work today to help us remember that not everything is about you, some times it takes 2 or more people to reach a common goal!
Mosey lap long way
15 lbacf
15 lbacr
15 Chinooks

Then start of burpee ladder – 10 burpees

Patriot races (thanks TT for supplying the second car, hope your transmission is all good)
Split into even teams
One pax driving, rest pushing
At each stop light stop, burpee ladder(9,8,7,6,5 at flag), then switch driver and keep going for 1 lap.

Partner up
Dora 1,2,3
Each do 50 merkins, then split 100 American hammers, and 150lbc
First does above exercise partner runs lap.

Patriot race again to finish burpee ladder (4,3,2,1)

Ladder surprise at flag pull
15 air squats oyo

Dips at benches
Zombie walk across street
Crunchy frog on other side of road

Count o rama

Lots of upcoming races Bridge, dolphin, shark bite, etc.
April 29th, first responder training to get level 2 responder
Watch slack/news letter for more details
Prayer request
Woz friend: Barbara Hernandez
Bundy’s wife going in for a mammogram recheck
Imperial family as they continue their journey.


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