Glory Days

Conditions:  58 degrees F and clear

It was time for f3 SSI to take a trip to the glory days.  As a former college athlete, we returned to the grueling workout that ended each year’s 2-Week session of 6 am’s.




Arm Circles (Forward and Backward)

Side-straddle hops

Stationary Lunges


Tha Thang:  The Countdown

All gents lined up on the doubles sideline of the Tennis Court.  On the mark, everyone would sprint to the doubles sideline of the adjacent Tennis Court.  Following the number of springs, each man did the same number of Merkins, Little Baby Crunches, Mountain Climbers and Squat Thrusts.

We started at 15 and gradually worked our way down to 1 (skipping 9, 7 and 6 for time).

The Glory Days are grueling reminders that life in the past provided scars and difficulties that got us where we are today–but we can endure and overcome.

Twinkly-Toes left us a little early, but the remaining finished with very few (if any) modifications. We ended the Countdown by finishing the last sprint united as brothers–a true symbol of what F3 is about:  brothers working together to get better.

Don’t forget the things coming up:  Dolphin Day, Bridge Run, and First Responder Training

It was a pleasure to pop my Q cherry with The Countdown.  Look forward to hitting it again soon.

Runner Up


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