Brunswick AO is Named: Rubicon

I had the honor of announcing the name for the newest F3 St. Simons AO located at Howard Coffin Park in Brunswick: RUBICON.

Rubicon means to do something that you cannot later change and will strongly influence future events.  For me, this is what it is all about.  Becoming better for my family, community, and self.


Mosey to the Harold Jennings Track
SSH (Side Straddle Hops) – IC X 20
“Jeff” Imperial Walkers – IC X 20
Seal Jacks – IC X 20
LBAC Forward (Little baby arm circles) – IC X 15
LBAC Backward – IC X 15
Prisoner Squats – IC X 20
Moroccan Night Club – IC X 10
Chinooks – IC X 15

The Thang

Mosey to balance beam
Alternating High Knee Rocky Balboas and Planks (Half of Pax did Balboas while the other half planked, then flap-jack)
Round 1: 45 seconds
Round 2: 35 seconds
Round 3: 25 seconds

Mosey to the playground (circuit training location)
Pax had to complete AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) in a minute for each circuit station
Circuit included:
-Hanging Knee-ups Ab Crunch
-Jump Overs (trying to not kill ones self)
-Decline Sit-ups
-Alternating Leg Step-ups
-Decline Merkins
-Inclined Bar Jump-overs (Lord we pray Cow Tipper is able to father additional 2.0s, if desired)
-Inclined Merkins

Once completed Pax lined up and planked for the now infamous Bear Crawl-Plank-Snake.

Mosey back to parking lot

Final set
Bird Dog – IC X 15
Fire Hydrant – IC X 15
Flap Jack


2nd F oppotunity today. Lunch at Blvd Cafe on SSI. 12-1pm

Bridge Run coming up on 2/18 and I’ve got the Q. Registration link – Sign up as a team member and use password “jailbreak” to be on the F3 team.

Dolphin Day run is 2/25. Hee Haw is your Q. More details to come.

Mark your calendars – USMC Ultimate Mud Run 5/20. This is the Super Bowl of F3 CSAUPs. As many as 400-500 F3ers from all regions converge on S. Carolina for this one. Not to be missed!

Continued prayers for Gutenman as he and his family make final preparations to depart next Monday. Prayers for TT’s friends going through major family challenges at the moment.

As a Q, this was my largest Pax. Thank you for being able to be lead. Great job out there guys. The Brunswick AO: Rubicon needs your continued support.



2 thoughts on “Brunswick AO is Named: Rubicon

  1. Solid Q, AO name and BB! Pray for CT’s mini-potential future 2.0s and a quickness in healing for his freshly acquired pink eye during the bear crawl snake


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